Receipt Printing For Donations

Updated by banks on NEFT/RTGS, QR Code, UPI/VPA

Choose the channel through which the payment is done

Important Notice
If your transaction is done through NEFT/RTGS/IMPS, the transaction would be updated based on the statement received from the concerned banks. The receipts can be generated only after this. This might take at least 5-7 days.
If your transaction is by Cheque the transaction would be updated from the bank to CMDRF. However, the payee details would be updated only if the cheque for CMDRF is presented in the same bank. If the cheque is presented in another bank, the payee details would not be updated by the bank. In such cases, the receipt can be obtained only by updating your Name, email ID, Amount etc with cheque number and amount in the receipt generator module. The module will match the cheque number and amount and issue the receipt. This might take at least 5-7 days.
If the payment is done as cash in bank, bank does not update payee details and hence receipt cannot be issued in a person name.
In cross border transactions in foreign exchange from a foreign bank the transaction is done through vostro/nostro account through reconciliation by central bank of the countries. The amount will be credited in Indian Rupees and hence tracking the transaction is difficult. If the details are furnished in the receipt module the receipts can be obtained after reconciliation with the bank. Typically, this would take 10 to 15 days